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This Campaign is for the people of the south side. I have absolutely loved living in the south side and am heavily attached to its overall success as a homeowner, referee, and small business owner. I Never realized politics took place at the local level until I was recently forced to. Friends, family, and neighbors share frustrating storing around the increase of crime and homelessness to the governmental overreach of our children.

Our neighborhood went from celebrating a young woman's 18th birthday party to the next get together being her celebration of life... at just 18 years old. This seems to be the weekend repeat in our district! Since January 2022, legislative district 11 has been the battleground for 50% of Arizona's police officer targeted shootings. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! My supporters and non-supporters alike are done with the bureaucratic "process" and the corrupt governmental systems and entities that have allowed the problems too metastasize. You pay your taxes, and you deserve the resources promised to you for doing so. After all, aren't we the country that revolted for having "taxation without representation"?

I vow to use my first-hand life experiences and connections from McDonalds to the military, from college to border patrol, from waitress to tow-truck driver, from college athlete to business owner, from foster parent to plaintiff against the state, to bring self-sufficiency and unity to and accountability to the people regardless of position.

Thank you for your vote and support of community safety, school choice, and a limited government government. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet every one of you and listen to your stories and ideas for our shared community.

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