Maryn M. Brannies

Maryn is a female combat veteran, who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as Operation Copper Cactus, a Counter Drug Mission on the Arizona border.  After being honorably discharged as a Sergeant, Maryn started a local food truck which continues to support our schools, sports teams, and nonprofits over a decade later.  

Maryn has been a nationally and state registered EMT and holds a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Science.  She worked her way through college by serving the community as a waitress, tow truck driver, and EMT.  When Maryn purchased her first home in South Phoenix, she found it to be a perfect combination of her rural roots and city life.

Having lived in diverse areas nationally and internationally, Maryn understands that freedom is not free; freedom is priceless!  Maryn stands for community safety, limited government, criminal justice reform, free speech, education, the Second Amendment as the great equalizer, Pro-Life, and caring for our next generation.  Maryn is ready to serve you once again; representing the people of Laveen, South Phoenix, Guadalupe, and Downtown Phoenix in Legislative District 11!

Why am I running?

Honestly, I would much rather be popping kettle corn than running for office. I'm a worker at heart and that will never change. I've always tried living my best life, so how does one go from a food truck business owner to running for state office? To begin, 3 years ago I became a foster parent, and in that time I was quickly awakened to how few rights one has as a foster parent. I was quickly stripped of my constitutional rights of Free Speech, Due Process, and my Right to Bear Arms. As a veteran I already served 8 years without my rights and seeing civilians lose their rights that I fought for is appalling. If this can happen to me then I know it is happening to others who are in less fortunate positions than I. Then at the end of 2019 the pandemic hit, and the government had forced me to close my business. During this time I began refereeing and was also awakened to some atrocious things happening within our school districts. Our children were forced out of schools, out of sports, and out of friendships if they went to a public school, while the private and charter schools mere blocks away were still free to experience a normal childhood. It became obvious that our "global pandemic" was only a public pandemic. With all of this happening in a short time span I grew frustrated with the functioning of the government, as many of us are, and was left waiting in the dark. In that darkness I found the answer to the problems I was faced with. Be the change I want to see for our district. I am running to help all the people who are tired of nothing changing. Together we can begin to reunite a people unknowingly divided by ourselves.